T.R.S.S. Leadership Keeps Up the Pace in 2005

The students on Leadership Council are devoted to improving student life at TRSS. Last year was the first in many years that T.R.S.S. had a student Leadership Council, and we spent much of it getting our feet planted. This year however, we got organized early, immediately defining our goals for the year and creating of code of conduct.

In September we elected our executive and organized school spirit activities, like the Halloween Dance. Our students worked very hard preparing for a fun holiday season, organizing activities like a Candy Guess, Candy-grams, a bake sale, and ?Decked Out in the Halls? (for best holiday outfit) during the final week of school. Leadership students decorated the school and assisted Town Council with the Christmas Lights judging.

In November, Leadership resurrected the Kodiak Chronicles ? both a school newsletter and the name of this column in the Tumbler Ridge News. We are currently working on the 2004/05 yearbooks, which will be available in the fall of 2005. The soft-cover spiral-bound book will contain 64 pages of photos and news documenting this year in our high school lives.

On January 10, Leadership met for lunch with Mayor Iles and Councilor Way to discuss youth issues in Tumbler Ridge. From January 10 to the 14, Leadership students collected donations to help the victims of the Tsunami.

To date our efforts have been successful. We hope that we have promoted school spirit, and made school a more enjoyable place to be.