Take a Councillor to Lunch

The Tumbler Ridge Arts Council (TRCAC) was pleased to meet with Mayor Clay Illes on April 28th, as part of BC Arts & Culture Week. The purpose of the lunch was to bring awareness to the District and Town Council, of the benefits of a partnership between municipalities and arts councils.

The lunch was held at the TR Inn and was attended by Mayor Illes, TRCAC members Janet Hartford, Joan Zimmer, TRCAC secretary Erin Hanna and Valerie who was in town teaching a tourism course at NLC.

Among the topics of conversation, Janet Hartford was acknowledged for receiving an Arts Award for her contributions to Arts & Culture throughout the years. She will be receiving her plaque in the very near future. The award was accepted on her behalf by TRCAC president Brian Sipe, as he attended the BC Arts Assembly AGM in Victoria on May 1st.

The discussions of the meeting included appreciation for the District?s support at events and the desire to further develop arts & culture in TR. A more pressing issue involved TRCAC?s wish to be involved in the plans to renovate the community center. The needs and enjoyments of the community are largely enhanced by the kinds of projects that TRCAC sponsors and provides. TRCAC?s function is to be a unified group for any individuals and organizations that involve arts & culture, performing, etc. Some of the groups already in place are; TR Adult Community Choir, Ridge Rippers Quilt Guilders, Mid-winter Review Crew, Theatre On The Ridge, TRUMP, TR Pipers Band, and the Art Show Committee. So many of these groups put on countless events year-round. There are also a number of individual members who may be artists or performers themselves and even simply patrons of the arts. All members and groups are encouraged to attend monthly meetings to help TRCAC find the best ways to bring arts & culture to our community as well as create venues for local artisans and performers to showcase their talents.

TRCAC meets every second Thursday of the month at 7:00 pm in Room 3 of the Community Centre. These meetings are always open to the public and TRCAC needs more and more people to attend these meetings so that we can bring the desires of the community to realization and provide activities, displays and programs for our local residents, as well as create events to encourage tourism. Please join us and give us your input! For further information, please contact Brian Sipe 242-5296, Brian Bray 242-4333 or Erin Hanna 242-3364.