Take the time to choose your patio door

Patio doors are available in many models. Since quality can vary significantly, it is recommended that you take the time to examine the characteristics of the different models. Without compromising aesthetics, you must also consider the comfort offered by the airtightness and watertightness of the patio door, its resistance to strong winds and forced entry, and its ease of operation.

Based on the A-440 standard, you can check the quality of the door?s fabrication and performance. The better performing products have a higher rating. For maximum comfort, the patio door must be resistant to problems such as foggy windows, frost, and panels that freeze. Generally, a four-panel patio door performs better and is more soundproof than a two-panel door. It is important that the patio door has a good thermal seal; it must be able to withstand the worst weather conditions with great energy efficiency.

The patio door can be made entirely of PVC, wood, wood covered in aluminum, wood covered in PVC, laminated PVC, or uPVC. The frame must be wide, solid, and robust. Fused joints offer structural solidity to the frame. Consider the quality of the finish to ensure a sturdy and durable patio door. In addition, you must ensure that the patio door slides easily, silently, and requires minimal maintenance. It must also be secure. The door should be equipped with a security bar, a lock for protection against break-ins, and an adequate locking mechanism. You can be sure of the quality of the product by checking its guarantee.