Talent Show Celebrated Arts week

Approximately 50 people, mostly parents, attended the fourth annual On The Spot Talent Show, which took place on Sunday, April 23rd. It was all part of BC Arts and Culture Week, a province-wide celebration of the many categories of creativity.

The line-up was all youth. Ranging in age?s from 5 through 14. The whole event, emceed by the senior members of Theatre on the Ridge, was predominantly singing with favorite CDs and a few piano pieces, as well as two poetry recitations and one dance number.

As director of the kids? drama group, it is always impressive to me that these young people have the tenacity to get up in front of more than just a mirror and their circle of friends to sing and dance. While some are more nervous than others, they all get up and do what they imagined they could and succeeded. It is kind of scary, even for an adult, to speak or perform publicly and they did well.

Theatre On The Ridge ? Young People?s Drama has now wrapped up for the season, as sunny days and outdoor activities become more and more the focus. The adult theatre compant of Grizzly Valley Players will meet intermittently throughout the summer. Contact Erin Hanna 242-3364 or theatreontheridge@yahoo.com.