Talent show returns

The ?On The Spot? Talent Show makes a fourth year return, to take place on Saturday March 4 at Claude Galibois Centre. Annually hosted by the young people of Theatre On The Ridge (TOTR), the venue invites people of all ages and talents to come on stage and entertain Tumbler Ridge. The show begins at 2:00 pm and registration forms must be picked up, filled out and returned to the front desk of the Community Centre.

Each year the line up to perform sees newcomers and returning entertainers alike. Ranging from piano recital, guitar, to song and jazz and belly dance, this variety show has something for everyone.

Talent shows can typically charge an entry fee and then have prizes for first, second and third place. It has been TOTR?s experience that the awarding of a prize makes some of the participants unwilling to showcase their talents because they are being judged and compared. Community drama coach Erin Hanna comments, ?We want to see everyone get up there. This is meant to be a fun event where we just kick back and enjoy what the people have to offer. ? She adds, ?That can be card tricks, dance, drama or comedy skits, guitar, whatever they want to do.? ?On The Spot? Talent Show #4 will be open to anyone to perform and attend.

Registration forms must be filled out and returned by March 1. The forms will be available for pick up and return to the front desk of the Community Centre and both schools. Any musical accompaniment such as CDs or tapes must be brought to the talent show half an hour before show time, to be organized by the hosts.

Aside from the use of speakers, microphones, spotlight and piano, performers must bring their own equipment, props, etc.

?We hope to see some adults joining in on this, ? says Hanna, ?It is after all, an opportunity to perform and entertain. That comes in all shapes and sizes. And the more the merrier.?

Hanna includes that this is a fundraiser for the young people?s club and while there is no set admission, there will be a silver collection and raffle prizes.