The Boulder Gardens Hiking Route lies close to one of Talisman Energy?s gas well sites. The trail was built in 2001 by the Wolverine Nordic and Mountain Society (WNMS) in conjunction with the E-team program that was then in operation. It has now been trampled by many hundreds of boots, taking hikers into an other-worldly atmosphere of massive rocks and boulders chaotically strewn across the landscape. It is a site like no other in northern British Columbia.

Parking at the trail-head was always rather limited, and difficult when large groups of hikers wished to park their vehicles. As the trail-head lay beside the access road to a proposed Talisman Energy site, WNMS president Kevin Sharman approached Talisman for help to expand the parking lot during their road and well site construction.

Work on this project was recently completed, and on August 7, after the Emperor?s Challenge, Talisman Energy met with WNMS at the site, beneath the towering cliffs of the Boulder Gardens, to celebrate and reflect on this success story of industry working cooperatively with local stakeholders to achieve mutual benefits.

WNMS wishes to thank Talisman Energy for this support of the Tumbler Ridge hiking trails. The parking lot is now safer for hikers and accommodates many vehicles.