Talisman Energy sponsors Tumbler Ridge children for Dino Camp program

Tumbler Ridge Circle of Friendship were pleased to have 14 Aboriginal children attend Dino Camp this year. Talisman Energy sponsored all 14 spots for the seasonal education program.

President Donna Mason (nee McCallum) was able to give away 9 spots to local children from Tumbler Ridge and 5 more to kids from Moberly.Lake First Nation. While not all of those children could attend, the following were present during the July 25th-29th session: David and Shawn Peters, Tyson Belcourt, Clayton Enax, Kenesha Mercredi, Monique and Chantell Winiandy, Jay-R Weipert, Dillon Cooper and Angel Carpenter. Also attending were Jwewlyanne McEwen, Jory Laurin, Hailey Mitton, Garrett Velkjar and Bronwyn Kozak.

There was a good mix of enthusiasm as all children took part in the one-week camp that focuses on learning about our prehistoric pals

The current instructors for Dino camp are Melanie Dame, who was the camp coordinator last year as well. She became interested in this area after moving to Fort St. John and attending high school there. The other instructor, Janet Proos, was a former student in a lab session with Tumbler Ridge palaeontologist Rich McCrae. He suggested she come and see the goings-on in Tumbler Ridge the next time he saw her and she has since become an instructor. Both instructors for the Dino Camp are students of palaeontology.

This particular group was taking the Raptor Camp session which included introduction to dinosaurs, rock and minerals, several dinosaur safaris (educational seminars), activities such as creating a therapod print. Mock excavation, rock-painting and filed trips to Wolverine tracksite, Quality falls and Flatbed Creek ? Cabin Pool tracksite. A graduation ceremony takes place on the last day of camp, where campers display their projects, give a presentation to parents and then take home a certificate and t-shirt.

Added this year, is the adult Dino Camp named Ankylosaur. Further information is available at the Northern Lights College website www.nlc.bc.ca.