Tap into Savings – Tap into the Future – Tap into the Sun!

Dawson Creek, BC–Relief from the high cost of energy is on everyone?s minds these days. A solar energy program to be launched in Dawson Creek next week offers local residents a chance save up to 50% on their annual hot water heating costs.

SolarBC, an initiative of the BC Sustainable Energy Association, will launch their two-year pilot project on Thursday, September 22 at the Kiwanis Performing Centre. The project offers financial incentives for the installation of solar thermal systems for residential hot water.

?Household hot water is the second most expensive energy cost in most homes,? said Dawson Creek mayor Wayne Dahlen. ?SolarBC?s project means energy and cost savings for Dawson Creek residents. The benefits of clean, renewable, solar energy are clear.?

Roof-mounted solar collectors capture the sun?s energy and transfer heat to water, reducing the use of conventional energy, such as natural gas or electricity. Energy-savvy homeowners will be further rewarded by taking advantage of up to $900 in government subsidies.

The project will be a boon for local plumbing and energy system contractors who will be trained by suppliers to install these systems. The program will be offered in other selected BC communities throughout the fall and winter. Dawson Creek residents will be the first to tap into savings and tap into the future, by tapping into the sun.

?Our project will help overcome the barriers to wider adoption of solar hot water systems across BC by increasing public awareness and providing financial incentives,? said Nitya Harris, SolarBC project leader. ?Sustainable energy solutions are the way of the future, and that future is here now.?