Taurus TaeKwon Do Invitational Tournament

February 20: On Saturday February 14, nine members of the Tumbler Ridge TaeKwon Do club competed in the Taurus TaeKwon Do Invitational Tournament held in Calgary, Alberta.

Over 350 competitors from both the Global TaeKwon Do Federation (GTF) and the International TaeKwon Do Federation (ITF), accompanied by some 500 spectators, gathered in the Crescent Heights High School gymnasium for a full day of competition.

In spite of a daunting travel schedule, some sprained toes and exhaustive back-to-back bouts of sparring, the club returned with four medals – golds each to Katharine and Martin Szelag for sparring, a silver in patterns for Jayson Gill and a bronze in sparring for Jake Golightly.

The Tumbler Ridge club is instructed by 2nd degree black belt Lukasz Bielecki and Karolina Bielecka and Pernell Kirby, 1st degree black belts. While it is a relatively small club of 30 to 40 members, it has historically performed well in tournaments and its students are consistently among those in the winners? circle.

Tumbler Ridge will host its 9th annual Invitational Tournament for TaeKwon Do and Karate in late April or early May, 2004 and expects to welcome clubs from Mackenzie, Grande Prairie, Dawson Creek, Fort St. John, Fort Nelson, Fort McMurray, Fort Smith, NT and Regina, SK.