Tech This Out – A Tumbler Ridge Solution to Computer Woes

Even though the average person would be willing to fish around inside their computer and do the quick fix, Dan Grodzuik, owner of Computer Solutions, looks almost alarmed when told what most people are doing to upgrade and/or maintain their computers.

Grodzuik has 20 years experience in this field. His interest in computers began as a teen and grew from there. Prior to his arrival in Tumbler Ridge in 2000, he ran a company in Vancouver and then headed north in 1999. It was then he found the time to get accredited at an Edmonton Technical college. He is an A+ Certified technician as well as a Microsoft Certified Engineer.

Once in Tumbler Ridge, Bullmoose Operating Corporation (TECK) hired him as a network technician. There he was responsible for the network between 100 computers. His duties entailed setup, repair, general maintenance and network management.

It was in 2002 that he was given notice of release from Bullmoose Mining Corporation, as were most of the employees at the mine. He then started Computer Solutions and it has gone very well.

Based on the need for qualified technicians in the community, Grozuik mentioned that he has seen the results of some less than top notch work on personal computers. Less than satisfactory results can happen when an owner tries to fix things on their own, or has repairs made from uncertified technicians.

Grodzuik adds, ?You should be going to a professional. We are here to do good and professional work, especially if you?re unhappy with previous work done by someone else.?

The ?we? he refers to is the additional employee he has hired as the business grew. Kirk Fallon, formerly a customer, had a desire to learn more about the workings of computers and is working towards certification as well. Fallon said, ?I was going from one technician to another and was unsatisfied with the work.? He learned of Computer Solutions through a referral and through Grodzuik need for help, came on board in 2004.

When asked what the #1 thing a person should go to a professional about, Grodzuik quickly answers, ?People try to fix their own operating system, deleting Windows files and accessing the registry. You need a pro to do that.? He mentions that in the physical category, people should not be removing the cabinet and going inside their computer. Some tasks such as upgrading require the expertise of someone who is aware of what is safe to do.

Also, one of the most important things a person should do for their PC is to keep it clean. You can use the canned air to blow the dirt free, but an intensive cleaning should be done by a professional, who may opt to use an electrostatic spray to get the job done. Electrostatic cleaning can be likened to a dry cleaning procedure for electronic components.

Computer Solutions provides call-outs as well as in-home service. When necessary, they work on the impaired system at a workstation in Grodzuik?s home. Check out the weekly articles in this paper and online at