Teck Takes Baby Steps towards Quintette Operations

Lynsey Kitching
Teck recently achieved a milestone. Ray Proulx, Community Liaison for Teck says, “Back in April when we submitted our application we were informed the caribou plan, because of the in term guidelines that had come out, needed to be updated. So we took some time over the summer to do so in consultation with First Nations specifically.”
Teck got the plan to a point where it felt comfortable submitting to the province, which was done in early October. The company was informed in later October that the plan was fit for review. The plan then went through the pre screening process and Teck was informed on November 5 that the whole mine application was in queue for the Mines Act Permit Amendment process. 
Proulx says, “Our first meeting was November 15 with the Mine Development Review committee, which is made up of provincial and federal regulators, First Nations and community and municipal government. November 5, 2012 was the first of the 60-day technical review process associated with the mines act permit amendment application process.”
The acceptance of a Mines Act permit is the green light for companies to proceed based on a certain mine plan and associated reclamation plan. Proulx says, “We’d had one in place but we needed to amend it because we revised our mine plan and reclamation plan. We actually have a smaller footprint now.”
After the 60-day technical review, the province will come back with directions as to where the process is at and what position they are going to be in to make a decision one way or another. Proulx says, “It’s the main bit basically. We don’t expect to hear anything before the first half of 2013. Still, it’s moving forward.”