Teen Idol Auditions Held

The foyer of the Tumbler Ridge Community Centre was lined with excited young people waiting for the TR Junior Idol auditions. They weren?t all there to try out, but rather to support their friends. This year?s competition saw 12 youth try out and for the first time, there is a male contestant in the finals.

This year?s judges were Lori Homister, Charmaine Shirley and Charissa Tonnesen. They spent the evening of Tuesday, April 14th listening to and advising the 12 youth on how to enhance, improve their vocal capabilities and up their game for the contest on Saturday, April 25th. The show will be in Rooms 4 and 5 of the Community Centre beginning at 1:00 pm.

An odd thing happened last year at the judging break of the competition. While the votes were being tallied, many of the audience members perhaps thought the show was done and left the event. The show ran from 3:00 to 5:00 pm, so perhaps they felt it was too close to the dinner hour and that situation has been corrected by starting earlier this year.

The judges saw a lot of Taylor Swift and Miley Cyrus song choices for final competition, which will keep the show current and enjoyable. Disney theme songs are arguably the ultimate choice for vocal range and familiarity. Many young people seem to think that Disney shows or movies are too young for their tastes, however some of the best and most beautiful musical arrangements are created for those forms of entertainment and when judging a contest to do with stage presence, vocal range and dare we say recognition of popular songs, then you definitely want to go with songs that show a great vocal range. This is especially true if you tend to not move around much on stage. Stage presence is a learned skill that comes from performing and exposure. Many of our youth are doing this competition for the first time and so they must rely on their strengths.

To help them feel more at ease and give them some practice time with a live microphone and mock stage area to make use of, Joy Mackay and Erin Hanna will be meeting with the young people to give them opportunity to do that. Parents or youth can call the Front Desk at Community Centre to be advised of practice schedules.

The judges made a unanimous decision to put all contestants through to the final competition, There were fewer youth trying out this year, which meant the age categories had to be adjusted.

There will be 3 age groups this year: ages 5-11; 12-14; and 15+. Bear in mind that not every age was represented but were named in the categorization. For instance, there were no contestants younger than 7, but the ages 5-6 need to be included in the category, as mentioned in the rules and regulations for allowed opportunity..

Good luck to all of the TR Junior Idol contestants and kudos to the District of Tumbler Ridge, the Tumbler Ridge Community Arts Council and the sponsors contributing to this venue. These opportunities of creative expression are positive and productive as well as fun and entertaining for audience as well. Sportsmanship and team value exists in the arena of the arts as well and one of the best things about this annual contest is the camaraderie that is insisted upon and is proudly displayed by our community youth.