Telling musical stories at the library

_mg_4370_webSongwriter and storyteller Jay Aymer was at the Tumbler Ridge Library on Friday, as part of the Home Routes Concert Series. He was joined by multi-instrumentalist Don Zeuff.

The first of the Home Routes Concerts happened in Tumbler Ridge on Friday, September 23, with Jay Aymer and Don Zeuff performing an unplugged acoustic set before a shockingly small crowd, which was treated to an always intimate, often amusing and sometimes poignant show.

The date for the next concert is October 22, and will feature Washboard Hank and Sweet Murial, a country Roots duo who make people laugh and feel good wherever they play.

Washboard Hank is a legendary entertainer who has played music in every province and territory in Canada. He plays a wide variety of home made and regular instruments, Stradovarious Washboard, Kitchen Sink Tuba, Perfected Kazoo, Guitar, Tenor Banjo, Dobro, 5 String Banjo and Mandolin. The fact that he is a very well regarded songwriter is obvious as he presents a dynamic set of Roots and Original music that fits together to give a sensation of something both historic and current.

Sweet Muriel is a dancer/choreographer who has channeled these skills into a music career. She is a June Carter to Hank’s Johnny Cash or an Olive Oil to Hank’s Popeye together they present music that is uniquely funny and skillful.

November’s concert continues the storytelling tradition, with Victor Anthony on November 20.

The tone changes in the new year, with acoustic jazz duo Sussex coming to town on February 3.

On March 8, the All Day Breakfast Stringband brings that old time Appalachian sound to town. The series ends on a completely different note with electo-folk-pop-roots artist T- Nile.