Strong demand means Telus is sold out of high speed… for now

Trent Ernst, Editor
Looking to get high speed hooked up? If you haven’t called yet, you’re probably going to have to wait a few weeks, as Telus has sold out all their current high-speed DSL ports. 
According to Shawn Hall of Telus, the company was expecting strong demand, but “the actual demand outstripped our most ambitious expectations. We’ve maxed out our capacity in record time.”
Haven’t signed up yet? Don’t worry. The company is working on adding in more DSL ports, which should be in place by the end of the month. In the meantime, says Hall, they have lots of orders still to fullfil, which should keep them busy until the new ports are hooked up. “If you’ve got a date, you’re fine, but we’ve started putting people on a wait list.”
After an initial flurry of activity, Hall says that the orders have started to slow down. “We had an enormous response the first day. There are still orders coming in, but they’ve started to slow down.” 
Hall says it’s gratifying to see this level of interest in the service. “We’re focused right now on getting technicians out to people’s homes,” he says. “We even brought in people from other communities to work through it as quickly as we can.”
While Hall isn’t willing to reveal how many people have signed up, discussions with people familiar with how DSL works reveal that there are probably 500 ports currently hooked up.