TENDRILEUM rocks the Peace

What do an Economic Development Officer, a graphic artist and a high school student have in common? For Tumbler Ridge residents Ray Proulx, Trent Ernst, Dillon Rochon and Dave Pipe the answer is music. Their band Tendrileum was a finalist in the 1st annual ?RocKIN The Peace Original Music Search?.

Tendrileum played two of their original songs ?Jar Jar? and ?Awake?. Tendrileum?s qualifying song, Jar Jar, is a love stomp whose music was written to declare drummer Trent Ernst?s dislike of Star Wars- most annoying character Jar Jar Binks. The band has been playing together on a sporadic basis since 2001. Their musical influences include AC/DC, King Crimson, Linkin Park and Galactic Cowboys. The band has a definite heavy funk sound mixed with tight lead guitar lines and even tighter rhythms.

The ?RocKIN the Peace? competition, held in Fort St. John on March 18th and 19th, was sponsored by The Kin Club of Fort St. John in cooperation with Moose FM and Dental Records. Performers included Supercharger, Mike Shaver, Ryan Sebastiano, Machine Shop, Folky Strum Strum, Clay Backus, The Stilettos, Chad Esau, Tendrileum, and Mindset. Though the votes were close the winner of the first annual ?RocKIN The Peace? Original Music Search was Supercharger, whose fans were out full force to support this band.

?Wow, what a great response we received from the community.? Said Blair Johnston, Vice President of The Kin Club of Fort St. John ?I think that the talent that we have showcased at this event indicated to Peace region residents that we can produce more than oil and gas. The event really came together thanks to our family, friends, Russ Beerling, Adam Reaburn and the staff of Moose FM. We would really like to thank Trevor Thorlakson and the staff at Dental Records for all their hard work with the production of the compilation CD and their support of this great project.?

?This was a chance to gain experience playing in front of a live audience. We entered this competition to have fun.? said Tendrileum drummer Trent Ernst, ?and on that level we succeeded spectacularly.?