Remember when you were playing and some dumb adult tried to scare the bejabbers out of you? It happened to us when we had a holiday trailer and suddenly a cupboard door opened! After regaining our composure we realized a poltergeist was hidden in the bowels of the machine! Once we decided to name her Polly, the doors still opened for no good reason, but she never did us any harm and became one of our friends!

A reminder again that a former president, Franklin D Roosevelt, told his country in the midst of the terrible depression of the nineteen thirties that the only thing they had to fear was fear itself. A terrific message which, unfortunately, this present imposter of a president cannot get to because he still wants us to dread the boogeyman!

I want to thank the brave souls who have sent me E Mail letters which have outlined the exhaustive research they have done to unmask this imposter, and have detailed Captain Smirk?s transgressions as he has done so for years and years and portray his true self as an ex billionaire who thinks nothing of keeping his rich friends on the gravy train forever as a substitute for the legitimate care the body of United States people deserve.

Even his own state?s Dixie Chicks have a web site suggesting they can list as many as ninety reasons they do not want to suffer his leadership for another term in office.

I know you have had enough of this dirge, so, I will try to look on Georgie, as just another Polly in my closet, and get about the fun of living here and enjoying the ride!

I rather liked my daughter?s wisdom in putting a bumper sticker on her car which read, ?MY GOD?S NOT DEAD, SORRY ABOUT YOURS?. Let the fun begin!