Terry And The Dactyles: ? We will be back?

On August 3th three members of the Grizfest performing band Terry And The Dactyles enjoyed Tumbler Ridge ?Bird?s Eye view?. ?We are invited for Grizfest 2009 and we will be back? said the bandleader Chris McIntyre. For the Grand Prairie group, this was the first visit to Tumbler Ridge. ?This town is like a little resort?? said band member Chris Murphy after the helicopter ride with Ridge Rotors. Terry And The Dactyls have seven musicians on guitars, drums and vocals. These musicians are a college group, studying at the GPRC (Grand Prairie Regional College). Interactive Digital Design (IDD) opens the opportunity to explore the creative potential of music. The IDD students are all coming from different styles of music. The composition of digital sound makes the performance of Terry And The Dactyls to a ?Big commune of music? says the instructor of the class and the bandleader Chris McIntire. Chris is songwriter and producer himself. He completed his Bachelor of Music (Classical Guitar major) at Brandon University in Manitoba in 2001 and it is his second year as an instructor at the GPRC. The most recent CD produced and written by Chris is called My Inspiration.

The group introduced its first CD at GRIZFEST, recorded as a part of the IDD program in the GPRC sound studio. These students will experiment and work together for one and half more years before they take their experience in their own careers.