Terry Fox: The Marathon of Hope Continues

The 27th annual Terry Fox Run was held Sunday September 16th, 2007. Approximately 20 residents, from Tumbler Ridge took part in the 5km route. Participants walked, ran and rode their bikes to raise money for cancer research. Luckily, the weather was kind to participants. The rain held off till after the event.

According to Joy McKay, organizer of the event, participation was low this year. An unfortunate trend of decreasing numbers continued with this year?s run. ?There are usually around 30-40 people that participate,? stated McKay. Even with the low numbers, participants raised over $800.00. Valerie Patriquin, a participant every year, raised $250.00.

Sharon Bray, walking with her dog, said she tries to participate in the Terry Fox Run every year. The youngest participant this year was Rio Smith, who is 14 months old . Lucky for him he had his dad, Murray Smith, pushing him in his stroller! His mom, Erica Sieber and sister, Sage Smith also participated. Having participated in several Terry Fox Runs, Murray Smith and Erica Sieber hope to make this an annual event with Rio.

Nicole Allen jogged the 5km route. She was smiling and extremely proud of her finish as she arrived back at the community centre with her son, Seamus Vandenbrink (age 9), riding his bike at her side.

Participants were offered water and juice upon finishing the run. For their efforts, participants received a certificate and ribbons upon completion of the 5km route. Terry Fox:

Running for Hope

Terry Fox was only 18 years old when he was diagnosed with bone cancer(osteogenic sarcoma). This diagnosis forced him to have his leg amputated 15 cm above the knee. As an active teenager , who was involved in many sports, it was hard to imagine being able to walk, let alone run again, after the loss of his leg. Unwilling to give up without a fight, Terry Fox decided to run across Canada in order to raise money for cancer research.

Named the ?Marathon of Hope?, the journey started on April 12, 1980 in St. John?s Newfoundland. Enthusiasm for Terry Fox and his journey on the ?Marathon of Hope? soon grew. Unfortunately, after running 143 days and 5,373 km of his journey(he ran 42 km most days!), Terry?s last day of running was September 1st 1980. The cancer that Terry Fox was fighting had taken over his lungs and he was forced to quit running.

The Terry Fox Run was born out of a commitment from Isadore Sharp, the Chairman and CEO of the Four Season Hotels, when he telegrammed the Fox family September 2, 1980. In his telegram, he wrote, ?You started it. We will not rest until your dream to find a cure for cancer has been realized.? Sharp made a commitment to hold a fund raising event every year in Terry?s name.

The Terry Fox Run was first held in September 1981, a few short months after Terry Fox passed away. His dream and legacy continues today as the Terry Fox Run is held annually, usually the second Sunday following Labour Day. To date, more than $400 million has been raised worldwide for cancer research in Terry?s name. If you missed the run, but would like to donate money for cancer research, go to www.terryfoxrun.org