Terry Lansdowne Foundation visits the Gwillim Lake Pat O?Reilly Centre

On Friday June 27th members of the Terry Lansdowne Foundation (TLF) visited the Pat O?Reilly Outdoors/Environmental Studies Centre at the Gwillim Lake. The centre was established with the support from the School District under the coordination of Pat O?Reilly with large contributions from the school district, volunteers and the local industry before Tumbler Ridge was built.

There are about 1,400 students coming through the centre every year. It is a year round operating facility assisting education and offering opportunities for field studies as well as outdoors skills and supervised activities.

From the very beginning the students are guided to information and awareness of their impact on the environment.

The location is managed by School District 59 and is mainly used for school groups. There is a possibility for outside user groups to book the facility in accordance to the school district regulations.

This site is closed to the general public.

The nearby Gwillim Lake Provincial Campground offers public camp sites and a facility including a boat launch.

TLF is organizing a three day retreat, Creative Peace, at Gwillim Lake on the third weekend in August. Creative Peace will offer workshops and information in the field of creativity and environmental protection. The number of participants is limited and pre-registration for this event is required.