Karl Zimmer took time off his farming chores on the prairies of Saskatchewan to help the Tumbler Ridge Museum Foundation (TRMF) with a long-anticipated decorative item: a dinosaur weathervane. Karl donated his time and materials to create an ankylosaur out of metal from his farm implements, and the finished product was erected on the rooftop of the Dinosaur Discovery Gallery just in time for the opening on June 27th.

He has made a number weathervanes before, which perch on farm houses and barns in the Grayson district, but this was the first request he has received for an ankylosaur. The ankylosaur, with its clubbed tail and body armour, is one of the most distinctive of the dinosaurs discovered in the Tumbler Ridge area, and has become one of the theme dinosaurs for the TRMF.

Karl commented: ?It was great to be able to help the Museum Foundation out with this project. I am looking forward to seeing it on the roof the next time we come out to visit family in Tumbler Ridge.? Meantime the functioning weathervane entices visitors from afar, and is a crowning touch to the Dinosaur Discovery Gallery