?The Best Mom Ever?

Thanks to the children who participated in our ?The Best Mom Ever? Mother?s Day writeup for 2004, and to the Tumbler Ridge Public Library for all their hard work in coordinating this event. The stories are presented as written, and no corrections have been made.

My mom is good at singing and shopping; she also loves to have animals around. My mom buys me stuff whenever I ask her. I am so spoiled!!

Modeling is what my mom used to do, but she doesn?t anymore. Her prettiest features are: her hair, mouth and arms. The best itme with just me mom and me is when we totally went on a major shopping spree at Wal Mart in Fort St. John.

Every gril in my class thinks my mom is very pretty, every boy thinks she?s hot. Althoguh my mom is in the hospital getting surgery my heart, love and prayers are with her. So Mom your doing a super job and I love you now and forever.

Your beautiful daughter Brianne

Mother?s Day 2004

I love my mom so much. My mom is so good at loving me, cooking and taking care of me. The favorite thing about my mom is her love. My moms prettiest feature is her hair. It is as curly as a pigs tail and my moms eyes dark as chocolate. My favorite memory is when she took just me out for lunch. My mom loves me so much and I love her so much. My mom spends most of the time with me. If I had to pick my favorite family member it would be my mom. Even though my mom works she still spends most

the time with me.

Jenna Antkowiak

Why my mom is the best mom in the world that is really hard to say. How do I explain the love I feel everyday? It is who she is. Although all the kids are now fighting so their mom can have the title best mom in the world I shall just give you the facts and see what you think. It is the little things, like tucking me in and saying ? I love you?, standing up for me and protecting me. She is a woman that is not just loved by her children, but she has gained the respect of almost every teenager in town. My mom has so much love that she shows it to everyone. My mom has the biggest heart and is always willing to give but is never expecting anything in return. She sacrifices a lot for my siblings and she has never stopped sacrificing. She is not a lady who is easily angered, but when she is then she still loves me and always will. My mom always has a smile on her face, smiling at everyone she meets and putting on a smile even when she is sad, my mom is friendly and a lot of people like here and respect her. Although there is going to be commonalities between this little blurb and the others you receive, there is still only one Jerrilyn Schembri, and I am the lucky one to have her as my mom.

Dakota Schembri

The reason why my mom is the best mom in the world is ? she does a lot around the house. She is always very helpful. She is always there to help me and my sisters. She never lets us down, not at all not ever. She is very loving and caring. She loves me and my sisters alot.

She helps me with my homework when I need it. She helps my sisters with their homework when they need it. She tucks us in at night. She also gives us snacks and juice for our bedtime snack. She supplies us with wonderful meals everyday.

When we are bored she?ll print us a coloring picture off the computer. When we are sad or have had a bad day, she will try and cheer us up. She is a wonderful mom.

Heather Fryk

The reson my mom is the best mom in the world is because she is always there for me and my sister. When she is working my sister and I will clean the house. My mom is the best some kids don?t have a mother but we all know that they want a mom some times when my mom goes out I miss her because she works, she cleans, she does the landery but we know that our mom?s still love us even if they are old or young if you didn?t have a mother wouldn?t you miss that and when you get hurt doesn?t you mom help you? And when you get sick and your to weak to get up and your mom gets your medicen having am mom makes you feel good? Say thank you to her.

Jacqueline Smith