The Children?s Center Society

Jodi Penner, her husband Chad and their two children Seth and Cadence relocated to Tumbler Ridge in August 2006. The Society Board of Directors, responding to the demand for quality child care, hired Penner as the Director for the Tumbler Ridge Children?s Center Society. Penner has 14 years of experience in the Early Child Education Field.

The Children?s Center has experienced a lot of growth over the past 30 months. Penner stated that when she started in September of 2006 the enrollment was about 30 children and today the children?s center accommodates and care for about 107 children. The Children?s Center offers seven preschool classes a week for ages 3-5, Group daycare for children ages 2 ½ to 5 and out-of-school care for children ages 5 to 12 years. The goals and philosophy of the center is to provide an enriched quality program, building on the whole child. The staff implements programming to enhance the children?s independence, self worth, self-esteem and social and emotional development. The children enjoy their day with crafts, music, dance, story time, and cognitive development.

The Center employs seven staff and three full time support workers. More than just a day care service, the center is the link for many children and families requiring extra support and services. We help our families to connect with out-of-town services, speech, language, physical and physiological needs. About 25 percent of the children in our care require these services and support. The center takes the responsibility of screening the children to ensure they are meeting their ages and stages of development. The key to a successful start in kindergarten is early intervention and building on the children?s skills and needs.

The Children?s Center also works in collaboration with the Success by Six program. Jodi Penner supports and serves on the Success by Six Table. A goal that the program would like to establish is to have all children age 0-6 in our community have the opportunity to access programming geared to their age group. The Children?s Center facilitates Free Family Fun Night, which is sponsored by Success by Six.

The Center was in dire need of equipment and supplies when Penner arrived in 2006. The staff and Society have worked hard to update programs, which have quality equipment, learning tools and supplies. The Center has become a very professional childcare facility. Penner would like to thank the community for their support over the years.

Thank You for helping us purchase the 15 passenger van. The children are excited about up-coming field trips and appreciate not having to walk in the cold. A grand ceremony for the Van will be held in April 2009.