The Cobblestones and Bobby Evans to perform in Dawson Creek

Two of Newfoundland?s hottest musical talents, The Cobblestones and Bobby Evans, will perform at Unchagah Hall in Dawson Creek, Wednesday, November 15th. The performance is part of the groups? cross-Canada tour,

?All The Way from Newfoundland & Labrador.?

Performing nostalgic hit songs such as ?Feet of a Dancer?, ?September Sky? and ?Uncle Keels Reel?, The Cobblestones will entertain the Dawson Creek audience with popular performer Bobby Evans, who has entertained audiences globally for more than 30 years. The November 15th Concert is a family-oriented show, with something to suit everyone?s musical taste.

Quoting The Cobblestones? Vaughn Rowsell, ?this is a very entertaining show … and is also very upbeat and we usually end off the night with a Johnny Cash Medley.?

As part of his on-stage repertoire, Bobby Evans includes a touch of warmth and comedy, performing hit songs including ?My Grandfather and Me,? ?Moose Hunting With Cousin Ray? and a wide selection of popular Newfoundland, Celtic, Blue Grass and Irish music. Vaughn Rowsell adds, ?Down East Music seems to be getting more and more popular. We can?t forget that through the years thousands and thousands of Newfoundlanders have moved and settled in other parts of Canada and have raised families. When the word travels that a group from down east is coming through, they seem to really support us … and folks love the variety of music we perform. As one person said to me after a show in Alberta, (and I quote) ?You guys bring a piece of ?Home? to us.?

THE Parkway Elementary School Choir DIRECTED BY Dave Mckeen,will be performing with The Cobblestones & Bobby Evans on Wednesday,November 15th at Unchagah Hall

in Dawson Creek!

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