The Community of Tumbler Ridge Raised $3,133.55 for the Food Bank!

It was a very successful outcome for the TR Community Garage Sale held on May 29 & 30. $2,633.55 was raised thanks to the residents of TR for their generous donations and support,

A special thanks to the Lion?s Club for providing their services for this fundraiser. As a result, an extra $500.00

was raised from the BBQ, making it a total of $3,133.55 to go into the Family Assistance Program (Food Bank).

Thanks to Darryl from Shop Easy Foods for providing the food for the BBQ and especially for their year round support.

Thanks to Cheryl Hayden for the use of the Curling Rink and any assistance given by the workers. You guys were great!

A personal thanks goes out to every single individual that had any part in this fundraiser, whether it was big or small, it took the work of each one of you to make this a success!

Thank You and God Bless!

Lenore Sprake

Family Assistance Program Coordinator

New Life Assembly Church

275 Murray Ave