The Construction Guy

I recently completed a theater in Tumbler Ridge for under 20K materials, electronics, and labor. Although that may sound like a lot, you could spend quite a bit more, and this system is truly amazing!

The main portion of the basement area, 15?x24? was selected . The area was gutted, new wiring was and new circuits were added to support the audio end of the system. 12g monster speaker wire was run to the placement areas of all speakers.

For this particular instillation, a video projection unit was selected. It will cost a bit more than a giant screen, but you are not limited to a screen size! The screen can be adjusted by moving the unit closer or further from the wall it will project onto.

The unit chosen was a Sanyo Z2 which gives a high contrast ratio, and good brightness for a moderate price. A good unit will cost from $2500-$5000, less than a plasma, and a lot more screen!

A Draper 106 inch retractable screen was chosen. To save money, you could simply paint the projection wall white, but you could see surface defects in the drywall.

For this remodel a retractable screen was chosen, allowing the use of a 25? built-in T.V. When the projector is not in use. The entire system is pulled together with a Toshiba DVD player routed with monster RCA component jacks.

A Yamaha digital processor was selected for the audio, routed to a series of 5 separate amplifiers, and 16 separate speakers! This produces over 1500 true watts of power. Most of the equipment was purchased used, through EBAY and shopping at pawn shops to save money. The sound, and clarity are the closest thing to a club, or a live concert, front row!

Many hours went into the drywall work for custom racks to support the equipment, and the screen system. Most of the speakers were built directly into the walls, and then custom covered, so they blend perfectly with the decor, and are unnoticeable. The ceiling was dropped, and indirect lighting on dimmers installed.

Colors were based around room darkening curtains for the windows. The main color used was dark burgundy. The other wall color was black. All were done in flat latex, to avoid unwanted glare. Dark colors are recommended to absorb any unwanted light in the room. Any ambient light coming onto the screen will reduce the blacks in the film and will create a washed out appearance. I can?t over emphasize darkness in the room.

The ceilings and some trim were spray painted gold for a theatrical look. The cement floors were done in high gloss black to keep costs down, and area rugs also in dark burgundy were added to reduce too much echo from the sound system.

Four black glider recliners were then added for theater seating and were placed approximately 8 feet from the screen. This could seem a little close for some folks, but when viewing a movie, you feel you?re about five rows back from the front at the theater.

The entire process took 6 months working part time to complete, but if you were working full time, it would take considerably less.

The overall effect is outstanding! You would swear you were in a theater uptown. But you control the volume, you control the intermission, and best of all you control what movie you?re watching. There are no lines; you save 50 bucks on taking the family out per film and you don?t have to drive home!

Another bonus to all of this is if you decide to market the home in the future, you truly have added a key selling point.

So there you have it, if you have any questions, or want to install one in your home, feel free to call me about this or any other construction questions you might have.

Ed Gaster 242-5860