The Construction Guy

Tumbler Ridge- This week we will be talking about paint.

I know that doesn?t sound too exciting, but you?d be surprised at what a difference a little coat of this product can make on the look and feel of your home.

Many of us live in the same dwelling for years. During that time paint can become dingy and dirty, not to mention old and out dated!

For the most part we don?t seem to notice any change in its character, kind of like the fact that we don?t notice ourselves growing older. But I will guarantee a visitor to your home will notice whether your walls are fresh and clean, or old and dreary.

First off there are several types of paint to choose from, flat, semi gloss, and gloss, with a couple of variations in between. In general, I would recommend flats for more formal living areas, and bedrooms. Semi glosses are a good choice for kitchens, bathrooms, kid?s rooms, or any area that is high traffic. Gloss paints are usually reserved for cabinets, or perhaps doors and trim.

As far as color goes, it?s entirely up to you! That?s what makes painting so fun. I say be experimental. Today just about anything goes, but I like to try to stick to one basic color scheme, allowing it to flow from room to room, or at the very least using the wall color from one room as your trim color in another.

If you are thinking resale, it?s a whole other ball game. Always use neutral colors, that way your house will appeal to a wider scope of potential buyers. For example if you were to use reds as the predominant color scheme in your home, and in comes a buyer who?s favorite color is green, they may just turn around and walk out, but if you?ve painted in combinations of beige, and taupe, its rare that anyone will ever be offended.

If you have any questions about this, or need help with your next project, feel free to call me; Ed Gaster at 242-5860