The District of Tumbler Ridge is preparing to launch a new Recycle Building for the collection, sorting and shipping of recyclables.

The criteria for construction of the new Recycle Center was to build a green, efficient, low maintenance building that is a pleasing place to work. The building was constructed using more than 75% local labour, suppliers, subcontractors and the District Public Works staff. The Public Works department supervised by Mr. Sean Shea, applied their specialties in ground work, drainage, plumbing and heating assemblies in constructing a building with a 50 year life expectancy. Emphasis was placed on quality of workmanship and how the completed assembly would react to adverse conditions with particular attention to heating, ventilation, insulation and lighting methods.

Environmental efficiencies incorporated into the building are

·The Viessmann boiler unit is the most efficient (94.5%) green system available, even low PH condensate formed by combustion is neutralized before entering the drainage system.

·Galvanized roofing and siding (inside and out) are not only durable but reflect heat in the summer and shed snow in the winter.

·The lights are high efficiency metal halide pulse start 320 watt

·Exterior walls are 8.5 inches wide equivalent to R-32

·Roof is R-40

·Foundation insulated to R-30

·Concrete floor is insulated to R-15

The dock area has an automatic ice and snow melt platform system allowing the forklift and operator a safe area for loading trucks. The surfaces on the interior remain dry with no condensation. All of the other special features included add to the total efficiency of this Green Building.

This particular project was funded through the Canada-British Columbia-Union of British Columbia Municipalities Gas Tax Agreement. The funding under the Gas Tax Agreement accounted for 71% of the total cost with the other 29% provided by the District of Tumbler Ridge.

The District of Tumbler Ridge will be opening this new facility on January 25, 2007 at 12:30 PM and have extended an invitation to all residents to attend this Grande Opening.