The District of Tumbler Ridge Issues Market Surveys for New Housing

Last month the District of Tumbler Ridge brought together a diverse group of local citizens to undertake a design charette (intensive planning exercise) in order to develop guidelines for new residential subdivisions in the community. Guidelines such as these help to ensure that community priorities such as green space, safety and recreational infrastructure are reflected in any new housing construction projects that take place. Since they were developed with community-based input, prospective developers can take direction with confidence that they will be wholeheartedly supported by residents – so long as they respect the guidelines and the values behind them. The outcomes of the charette, including some conceptual subdivision drawings, were presented to the public at an open house on March 12th. It was a highly successful event that drew a great deal of public interest. While we wait the final results of the exercise, the preliminary information gathered confirms a clear message: people are definitely craving more housing options in the community.

The District has been working hard, with some success, to attract the interest of qualified residential property developers. Despite the confirmation that was received during March?s open house, these interests have requested a deeper level of information to help them gain a greater level of confidence prior to making their investments.

With this in mind, the District has issued two community-wide surveys that are designed to gather the information currently being requested by housing developers that are considering investments in Tumbler Ridge. The first is targeted towards the general public, the second specifically towards our local senior population that wishes to age comfortably in place. Designed to be extremely brief and easy to complete, these surveys are intended are intended to gather basic data about the local market for housing. If you or anyone else you know would seriously like to see a greater volume and diversity of housing establish in our town, it is absolutely imperative that you participate in this survey.

Without accurate and substantial local market data, we will have little chance of securing commitment from qualified developers to establish new homes in our town.

At this time surveys are available online at or can be picked up and dropped off at the Front Desk of Town Hall. Please take 5 minutes to fill one out. The deadline for participation is May 2, 2009. For more information contact Ray Proulx ? Economic Development Officer, at 242-4242 or