The Editor, TR News


At the Public Council Meeting held at the Community Centre on the 12th December a member of the lobby supporting random use of ATV?s and snowmobiles around town read from a brochure put out by Select Property Group in 2000. This was a sales brochure and carries no indication that it was approved by our local Council.

I quote from that brochure as follows:-

?Tumbler Ridge offers some of the best mountain snowmobiling in B.C. The Ridge Riders Snowmobile Club has developed a vast network of easily accessible trails that are unequalled. Hillclimbing, playing in the bowls or easy family riding provides a challenge for both novice and expert. There is snowmobile trail access right to the town centre allowing riders access to the many restaurants and other town amenities? Only_the portion underscored was read out and seemed to carry some weight with part of the audience. This was taken out of context and if read as intended can refer only to access to the rear of the TR Inn, one of the four designated off-load sites sanctioned by the ATV Bylaw in force at that time. The same four sites are reestablished by the 2003 Bylaw and the limited permitted access trails are virtually the same.

If you feel troubled or endangered by snowmobile misuse, which includes riding on the roads and sidewalks, or see them being driven inappropriately, please call in a formal complaint to Bylaw Enforcement at the Fire Hall, 242 3939

Michael Sidwell