The electronic version of ?over the fence?

Want to find out the latest in what?s happening in Tumbler Ridge? If you are unable to go to Happy Hookers on Wednesday afternoon to hear about what?s happening you can go on Monday mornings to, our newspaper. (Happy Hookers are those who knit with needles and crochet with hooks!) You can put your two cents worth in the newspaper by writing the editor.

Need a bylaw, information on the swimming schedule, services or businesses and organizations. The Tumbler Ridge web site has all ( You want to tell the mayor or some councillors what you think? Their e-mails are on the TR site

You want to take a hike? Try Wolverine Nordic and Mountain Society – There are great photos on this site.

You want to go back to dinosaur times or just the history of Tumbler Ridge. Visit and you can read about Tumbler Ridge (Human History) or about the natural history. You want to check out how rich you are at the Credit Union; just check out

You can order the world to be delivered here but remember that it is important to support the local businesses even though we have the internet.

You just got referred for medical reasons to another centre. Check out the web site You will find information on transportation and accommodation in Dawson Creek, Fort St. John, Grande Prairie, Edmonton, Prince George and Vancouver. Also, if you want quick access to the weather of each of these cities plus Tumbler Ridge just go to this web site and click on the links. You can also find out how cold it is on the weather network: You want to find out about the Garden Club check the site:

Reaching out a little the government sites are the following: British Columbia: and Government of Canada Information for seniors on-line is

Tumbler Ridge is at your fingertips. For those without a computer you can be assured that all things are accessible either by phone, mail, or in person. Whatever you do, be happy.