The Enbridge Northern Gateway Project

The Enbridge Tumbler Ridge information session was presented Monday May 4th, 2009 by Kevin Brown from Enbridge Communications, Roger Harris, Public Relations, and Enbridge VP of Aboriginal Affairs and Chair of Northern Gateway Alliance, Colin Kinsley. The presentation for Council and Chamber was very informative and pressed upon the point of how Enbridge wants to work together and form lasting partnerships with our community.

The Enbridge Northern Gateway Project involves a new twin pipeline system running from near Edmonton, Alberta, to a new marine terminal in Kitimat, British Columbia to export petroleum and import condensate. This multi-billion dollar project represents an exciting opportunity for northern British Columbia and Alberta. Enbridge says that this project will hold new opportunities for communities while adhering to the highest standards and best environmental practices.

Suggested Route of the Enbridge Northern Gateway Pipeline.

While Enbridge is in the planning stages right now, and are concentrating on forming partnerships with each community near the projected pipeline area. It was stated ? The goal is not to be a part of a community only for the time of the project, but instead help create a sustainable ecomomy for each community.

The anticipated timeline for the Enbridge Northern Gateway Project:

Public and Government Review Process 2008-2011

File Regulatory Application 2009

Construction (subject to regulatory approval) 2012-2014

Commission and Start up 2015-2016

In support of the Enbridge Northern Gateway Project a coalition of community leaders have formed Northern Gateway Alliance to generate support for the pipeline. With former Prince George Mayor Colin Kinsely as Chair of the Alliance going to each community along with the Enbridge team to inform the public. For more information on the Enbridge Northern Gateway project go to or to sign on and support the project go to