The Future Of TR—An Alternative Approach!

Gordon Currie


The news today sounded grim…another mine shutting down in Tumbler Ridge.

Sad, frustrating but a fact of life in a world of commodities that trade/sell worldwide. But before you get too down, read this post. I smell opportunity.

You see, I have run businesses online for 20 years, with clients around the globe. And I have done it from Dawson Creek, BC. So if Tumbler Ridge has Internet access, why would people not consider setting up an online business?

Live amongst the mountains, take advantage of the rich views / outdoors and run a business online. Sound complicated? Nope.

Most people know I have built web pages and done consulting in past years. But 90 percent of what I do could easily be done in Tumbler.

I have helped large companies sell jeans online, wine in the US, hobby supplies, car parts. All from Dawson Creek. I have provided Search Engine Optimization services to business, Marketing Services, Social Media Management Services, and about 30 other services or products. All totally doable in Tumbler Ridge.

Some may view the news as bad. Yes, not everyone can do computer work. But there has never been so much opportunity to live and work online as there is now. Sure, you can live in Vancouver, suck on smog and take your life in your hands driving to work. But you don’t need to. Want to shop? Fly south every three months for a fix. And then return to TR and smell fresh air, no traffic jams.

The highway that runs into Northern B.C. Has 100 lanes, with unlimited passing. It’s called the Internet and I am proof that you can work online and live in the most beautiful part of the world.

Skill tester: how much does it cost to market products to New York City from Vancouver, BC?? The same cost as it does for folks living in Tumbler Ridge. Seriously.

The Internet can open HUGE opportunities for residents. With some training, innovation, a positive attitude, community residents can have the best of both worlds.

In over 25+ years I have sold books online, soccer jerseys, advice, trusts, food, chocolate, wine, flowers and at least another 300 products. Now you don’t have to keep these products on hand, the majority were dropped shipped or shipped from worldwide locations. There are many opportunities for people wanting to work remotely but not keep stock in their own town or location.

It is also worth noting that many US based firm have no idea where Dawson Creek or Tumbler Ridge, is. To them, it is a suburb of Vancouver.


In a future post, I will provide more details on how business can be run in the north from small towns. And provide services / products to others around the globe.

I will post more thoughts on how you can do it and opportunities available.

Be positive.

Gordon Currie is a serial entrepreneur and owner of Eldoren Consulting out of Dawson Creek.