The Garden Club

The Garden Club

by Ellen Sager

 The summer is almost gone and we are getting ready to harvest all those vegetables and fruits.  Don?t forget to share your surplus with others and especially the needy.  However, make sure you give a recipe or some instructions. 

Don?t just plop something in their hands and assume they will know how to prepare the vegetable.  A favorite recipe may be just the thing to lighten up their meal and create a new friend. 

Herbs can be frozen or dried and used all winter.  Lavendar can be harvested and become part of a gift for a special person.

   The flowers have looked good downtown after the wonderful effort of Crys White and all those who volunteered planting and weeding in the big effort to spruce up everything for the RCMP musical ride and the 25th Anniversary celebrations and Grizfest. 

The RCMP building is wonderful with all its flowers and the firehall looks great as well.  The Hartford Gardens has shown beautifully this year as usual. 

All the members who come out and weed and water and who planted are to be congratulated for their hard work.  The Garden Club also weeds and waters the visitors? centre?s gardens and they are looking good.

   We have quite a few members but not everyone has the ability to do the ?hard labour.?  Others give in their own ways and they are much appreciated. 

Hopefully we will continue to increase our membership in both the ?hard labourers? and the others.  As time goes by ant the club continues to grow, it will be able to take on extra projects like helping with the RCMP building and the flower gardens and other such projects. 

There are so many in town and perhaps others will think of ways that volunteer groups can enhance areas of the downtown. 

    I am sure that when the Urban Design project is completed the downtown will be looking fabulous. 

If you haven?t heard about it I am sure you can go to the Town Hall and find a copy and read it.  It is a fascinating document. 

    Well, the Garden Club has been weeding on Tuesdays throughout the summer.  The next meeting is on Tuesday, August 29, 2006 at 6:30 p.m. at Hartford Gardens.  It is basically a working meeting except a chair is needed for the Club. 

I have resigned for health reasons.  Someone needs to step forward and do the job.  If you wish to discuss the basic job without the whistles, etc. please call 242-5283.  If you can say ?yes? once and ?no? every time after that you are a perfect fit.

    Perennials can be split and shared at this time.  Come to the meeting.  See what other members have to share.  Get some seeds – poppies, sweet william, brown-eyed susan, etc.

You don?t have to pay $10 – $15 for a perennial. 

Your tried and true method is the one from your friendly neighbour who doesn?t know where to plant all these overgrown perennials.

  I have silver mound and a few others at 48 Merrick Place and poppy seeds for the whole town except the deep red. 

We?ve already had the first frost so we don?t have to wait for the frost on the pumpkin! Not in Tumbler Ridge.

    Happy Gardenin