The Garden Club

Hartford Gardens is a wonderful place to sit and watch the colour displayed in the flower beds. Now that we have had the full moon it is safe to plant (hopefully!). There are many places to get annuals and perennials and bulbs, etc. Check our local Sanctuary Valley and True Value Hardware; check Salts (? spelling) in Chetwynd just a little past the main drag on the left; check the truck in Chetwynd; check Hillside in Dawson Creek; check Dunvegan in a number of towns. Garden centres are in many stores.

Many persons put in petunias which are wonderful for colour. The wave petunias are excellent. Other plants are equally good for colour such as, snapdragon, asters, marigolds, cosmos. Annuals are this year only and usually bloom continuously. Perennials include delphiniums and columbine which are in the bed by the caboose; phlox, hosta, silver mound, peonies, bleeding heart and many more. Perennials come back each year and many times they need to be cut back when they grow too big. This is the time to share with friends. The Garden Club is a great way to meet persons who can take and give flowers. Biennials bloom every two years. Sweet William are beautiful ones. Bulbs for the summer include lilies, canna, dahlias. Dahlias and canna must be dug up in the fall and replanted the next spring.

Getting plants from persons locally is great because you know the plants will grow. It is a good idea to make sure you water well when you plant and some fertilizer never hurts. Join the weeders and waterers on Tuesday, usually in the morning at Hartford Gardens. If you can?t weed or water you can sit on the benches that were donated by Dr. Helm or you can sit at the picnic tables. Most governments indicate that a job usually requires three supervisors to one worker!! A lot of the members of the Garden Club are very knowledgeable. Others are there to learn what grows here in Tumbler Ridge (perhaps zone 2 and maybe even zone 3) and to benefit from other persons? knowledge. Phone 242-5283 or e-mail