The Garden Club

Tumbler Ridge Garden Club enjoyed a marvelous day on Saturday, July 26 for its garden tour where over 30 persons took advantage of the nice weather to discover the secret gardens in Tumbler Ridge. There were nine gardens on the tour as well as five gardens as drive-bys. Drive-bys are generally because persons are not able to be at their gardens. We made it a contest at the last minute and said we would announce the winners on August 26 at our meeting; however, some gardeners are going on vacation so we are going to announce the winners now. First place is Roy and Jane Phillips at 207 Willow Drive; second place is Helen Fierro at 135 Fellers; third place is Rene Primeau at 20 Kiskatinaw Place; fourth place is Sally McArinch at 28 Myhon Place. Of course, all gardens are spectacular in their own way. Other gardens on the tour were Vinnie and Jackie at 211 Peace River Crescent; Nellie at 224 Peace River Cr., Ellen and Heinz at 48 Merrick Place, Gwen Cook at 192 Sukunka, Myrna Ziegeman at 28 Wolverine.

The drive-bys were Lynn at 280 Rockport, Tom & Heather at 20 Merrick Pl., Crys and Larry at 123 Speiker and Ted at 276 Murray.

Noted were the businesses ? Twilight Lodge, Tumbler Ridge Inn and the RCMP detachment. Adopt-a-bed gardens were the two boxes at the medical centre by Ellen Sager, the flower beds at the emergency entrance by Ellen Sager, and the bed behind the post office taken care of by the post office. Our major challenge is watering and the town is providing much of the watering. Someone commented on the flower beds at the emergency entrance. I was away and didn?t get around to the weeding and the watering was neglected in my absence. However, anyone is welcome to assist at any time. The public gardens taken care of by the District staff are the tourist centre, the front of the District Office and the fire hall.

We had a draw for a tool kit donated by the City of Dawson Creek. The winner is Sarah Falcon.

Comments on the tour were extremely positive. They will be summarized and available at our next meeting.

Thank you?s are in order. The first thank you is to the Tumbler Ridge News who have, throughout the years, supported us in everything we do. Pens and notepads were given to us but we had a little glitch with someone going on holiday and they didn?t get into the bags. Sorry Loraine.

Lee Valley Tools Ltd. provided us with the wonderful cloth bags that we were able to fill with important information and promotional items. We actually had an employee of Lee Valley Tools on vacation here this week. He is a relative of one of our members and took many pictures of the garden tour and will return with a picture of those on tour with their Lee Valley bags.. Community Futures provided us with USB flash disks which are a computer geek?s gold. Supporters contributed to the goodie bags or provided gifts for the persons whose gardens were on tour. Apex Optical gave 15% off complete eyewear; Barton Insurance gave us balloons and vehicle garbage bags (super for traveling); CJG Enterprises Ltd. provided pens;

Michael Ekins gave us a beautiful handmade wood eagle clock; Garden Wise magazine gave us copies; Garrett Golhof gave us a wood mantle clock; Dr. Helm gave us two books ? Daniel?s Dinosaurs and his latest, Exploring Tumbler Ridge; Claudette Huber provided the open house signs which were used to put signs up and from our feedback were a great success; Lakeview Credit Union provided neck chains to clip keys, etc. around one?s neck; Moonstone Barber (Vicky) gave us a hair product; Celine Paradis gave us towels and potato bag; Recreating Eden gave us a DVD of an entire season; Stokes Seeds gave us basil seeds; T. L. Coe Financial Ltd. gave us magnetic calendars; TR Taxi Service (Vinnie Corno) gave us business cards; Tumbler Ridge District gave us pencils, fridge clip magnets and 12 DVDs; and finally Vinnie?s Videos and Food Court generously gave persons on the tour soup, sandwiches and coffee. Comments included one which said, ?Soup/sandwich at Vinnie?s was above and beyond. Will start patronizing his café.? If we have missed anyone, my apologies.

All who went on the tour were winners. All those who put their garden on tour and gave the whole day to be there to greet people are winners. The members of the Garden Club did an exceptional job in organizing the event. They also do a marvelous job keeping the Hartford Gardens looking great. It was a great day and hopefully we will have more gardens on tour next year. For any information regarding the Garden Club contact Ellen at 242-5283 or