The Gwillim Lake Climbing Wall

The Gwillim Lake Climbing Wall, is situated on the School District #59 outdoor education facility, and it is now in full operation.

Plans for the development of the climbing wall at Gwillim were first proposed more than 6 years ago. Construction of the wall took nearly 5 years, as money was raised and set aside for more and more work to be done. The result is a world-class wall, that can fit the needs of the beginners, while challenging the skills of the pros.

It began as a concept in the mind of Sam Barber, the Operations Manager for the school district at that time. He brought forward an engineering design, and a plan, and the Board of Education approved its development. Over the years the Rotary Club has contributed significantly to the cost of materials, and labor, as the wall grew and so did the budget to complete it.

Teachers using the climbing wall with their classes must be certified in the safe use of the harness, rope, knots, and the wall. In the spring of 2007, the first training session was hosted for teachers that wanted to become certified in the use of the wall. Greg Walters and Stu Garland are the trainers, and they put 15 teachers through the first training session.

School groups using Gwillim, can hire also Greg to work with the students on the safe use of the equipment and the wall. Since the climbing wall was opened for business, all classes using the site have been keen to ?take on the wall? to see who can reach the top. No question, this project is one that students are thrilled to use and enjoy.