The Library Dude

Although easy to confuse, this is not a new epic motion picture to sequel, ?Dude, Where?s My Library?? You will however soon recognize the symbol used across Canada to identify locations of libraries.

This symbol, of a person in the shape of the letter ?L?, holding an open book, has been coined the ?Library Dude? by newly elected secretary for the library, Karen Fischer.

Burton first took note of the sign while traveling to a symposium last fall. She noted that locations throughout the area had signage bearing the library dude?s image, much like you would see easily recognized symbols for food and lodging, hospitals, police, etc.

Upon asking about it, she spoke with Jim Looney, Manager Public Services Branch and Ministry of Education who is based out of Victoria. She was further directed to contact Honourable Gordon Campbell, Premier of BC. Burton wrote a letter to the Premier requesting consideration for this. The request was then passed to the Ministry of Transportation.

The end result is that while the province of BC was not previously hosting these library symbol signs, they will begin popping up throughout the Peace Region first and following suit, hopefully most of the province will be attaining them as well.

So look for the Library Dude when you?re traveling this country great and wide and know that Tumbler Ridge was the first BC town to sport one, citing pride in our library and literacy.