The Little School that Could

Way back in September the grade 5/6 classes of Tumbler Ridge Elementary decided that they would like to give to children who lived more difficult lives than they did. We contacted World Vision Canada and asked them how much it was to build a school. They told us that $15,000 could build a small one room school or part of a larger school. They also told us that West Africa had the greatest need. Well, that was it! We jumped at the chance to build a school.

World Vision heard about the size of our elementary school and the size of our town and they suggested that we would likely need years to raise the money. ?You just watch!? was our answer. Our little school and our little town have joined together to surprise everyone. We have raised $14,456.00 and no matter what, we will have that $15,000 by the fall!

The students and staff of Tumbler Ridge Elementary would like to thank all the people who gave so generously. If we have missed a name or company, we apologize sincerely but, we did value your donation more than words can say.

Carmen Pegg and the Bottle Depot

Jim Charlie – Citizens who dropped off their bottles – Grandma Lake

Western Canadian Coal/Ledcor Employees

Deanna Walsh

Peace River Coal –

Bill Hendley

The Thrift Store

Dennis Payment

Baptist Church Congregation

Natasha and the crew at the rig

First Coal

Kim & Dan Ferguson

The Lions Club

Anonymous Donor

Tumbler Ridge News

Lake View Credit Union- The Community Choir

The Flying Club –

The Klein Family

Sanctuary Valley Greenhouse and Dog Kennel

T.R. Concrete

All the local businesses who supported our penny drive – Mayor and Council for their total endorsement of this project.

And finally: All the students, staff, and parents of Tumbler Ridge Elem., we could not have done it without you! To all, thank you from the bottom of our hearts!