The Magic of Music in Tumbler Ridge

While it?s true that Tumbler Ridge is extremely fortunate with the gifted musicians and vocalists within our community, you will get to see them in ten-fold at the next Tumbler Ridge Community Choir event.

The Magic of Music transcends us back to the time when the choir would hold a spring concert, with the last one in 1997.

Under the direction of Dawn Wagner, who has been with the choir almost uninterrupted since 1988, Wagner herself used to sing soprano. In those days, her mother, Dolores Logan was the accompanist. Wagner took over directing the choir in September 1991.

Changing gears and taking on the direction of the choir when the previous one left Tumble Ridge, has been both a rewarding and time consuming task for Wagner. She is a working mother, with an active nine-year old at home who belongs to several groups and Wagner is a hands-on Mom who volunteers her time with those groups as well as dedicating her Wednesday nights solely to the choir.

As well as directing, Wagner doubles as the pianist and would be thrilled if she could find someone to take on that job. Wagner modestly downplays her skills as a pianist, earnestly remarking that if anyone could help in this way, she could focus more so on directing.

The double-task does somewhat delay the progress of learning and perfecting the many songs the choir learns for events, as Wagner must repeatedly get up from her piano bench to direct and back to the bench to play.

But when it all comes down to it, it has worked well in the respect that she is held in very high regard and appreciated by the current 26 members of the choir. A contagiously fun rapport between the director, soprano, alto, tenor and bass is evident and the group is always welcoming new people to its fold.

The choir will be performing at the Tumbler Ridge Public Library on Wednesday, June 14th at 8:00 pm. The program will consist of eight or nine songs, which will run less than an hour. There will be refreshments of tea, coffee and dainties served with a silver collection gratefully accepted.

Some of the choir?s routine appearances are not necessarily the main attraction, but simply as background for the following events: Remembrance Day, Christmas Concert, Easter Services and Gideon Songfest. They also perform on request at other special occasions, weddings and funerals.

Anyone able to help the choir with accompaniment would be truly appreciated. Contact Dawn Wagner at 250-242-3570, by email or Box 2050, Tumbler Ridge, BC.