The new name for Willow Hall is…Willow Hall

Trent Ernst, Editor


Willow Hall will henceforth be known as Willow Hall.

After purchasing the former Kingdom Hall on Willow Drive in 2013, the District had been looking for an appropriate name for the building, which has been set aside for the use of Community Groups.

During that time, the building was frequently referred to as “Willow Hall” as a shorthand while Council sought a new name for the building.

A contest was brought forward to Tumbler Ridge Elementary and Secondary Schools to find a new name for the place, but none of the suggestions were deemed adequate.

In discussions on the matter at the January 15 Policies and Priorities Meeting, the new Council proposed sending the contest back to the school, but, according to Councillor Joanne Kirby who spoke to Tumbler Ridge Elementary Principal Kim Ferguson, the chance of getting a better suggestion was remote.

So at the most recent council meeting, she made a motion from the floor to make the current moniker official. And so, after a year and a half, Willow Hall is now officially Willow Hall.

Not everyone is happy with the appellation. Two councillors voted against the motion. Councillor Krakowka was hoping Council would consider naming it in honour of someone that has done a lot for this community.

Meanwhile, Councillor Howe says he wants to see more of a break with the building’s former life as a Kingdom Hall. “I totally dislike the name Willow Hall.”

But despite this opposition, the motion passed, and the building has now got an official name.