The North Wind Doth Blow

A bit depressing for the House Bound, but a delight for ——-snowmobiler’s, for kids with sleighs, for skiers, for everyone trying to sell all the winter gear they thought they would sell last year, for the gas company, for the hardy souls with visions of Paul Bunyan dancing in their heads—-and an axe, for the tire manufacturers with mountains of winter tires to flog, and all the people with digital cameras, a computer and friends around the world— Omar ” and wilderness be paradise enow”.

For the pioneers (that is – anyone remembering a few winters back) a time to tell when the mines shut down because their machines were saying no thanks, I’m too frozen to run today. And, even if it was only minus forty in town, it was much colder up on the mountains, some say it must have been minus one forty, but who had a) a thermometer? b) a penchant for stretching the truth? c) clothes which would allow anyone to peek from the inside of their parkas? Yes, my friends, this too is a part of Canada to brag about!

“Frankly My Dear, I don’t give a damn”—as Clark Gable said to Vivien Leigh as his famous line in “Gone With The Wind” way back then!

On to one of my favourite topics, about which I confess I am not an expert at all! Imagine me confessing—-when I am not able to go in to Father’s confessional and say “What a Good Boy I am!”. Not even a student of the other myriad branches of the Bible! So for those with other points of view, feel free to burn me at the stake! At least, for a couple of minutes I would be warm!

That other George I love to talk about—You will know who I mean— must be a bit upset when even his faithful followers are having their doubts about his integrity. Just how many folk in Iraq—-you know, the people who actually can claim the country as their birth place—- have been slaughtered just because the invaders came to save them? Even Jesus must be turning over in his grave! Just maybe He would rather nobody came to release him from the tomb so many years ago! At least He could claim allegiance for knowing the history of the country, and its people! Another thing! Just what happened to eliminate Canadians from being called Americans? Seems it is the same continent we all live on, or even the maps that have been drawn for kids to look at showing all of us from Alaska down to The Cape way down at the bottom (or would that be the top? for our cousins in Australia)? Whatever, each and every one in this hemisphere should be allowed to call ourselves Americans. I object! However, if Big George wants to call his little portion the place where God wants to bless, maybe we should be thankful and just call ourselves Canadians! That kind of God seems irrelevant and certainly not the God anyone wants to follow into battle!

I guess that brings up our prime minister? Chasing down the trillions of bucks our bankrupt friends down South have been squandering with reckless abandon does not bode well for our future. Sure, we do live in paradise, but do we really want to become the next STATE? Not much of a future for CANADIANS! Sorry my message has not been received yet, but fighting in Afghanistan makes as much sense as not helping in any part of Africa where our Peace Keepers at least tried to be of assistance and were doing what our soldiers were trained to do, and were a respected force around the globe! What has happened to us? God Help Us! We need help from a higher power!