The Page Turners ? A book review

An enormous but effortless read and will appeal to those who love a good story. Set on a farm in rural Wisconsin, Edgar Sawtelle, is born mute, and lives with his parents in northern Wisconsin raising a fictional breed of dog. Edgar?s father dies suddenly when Claude, Edgar?s uncle returns to the family home.

Edgar flees into the wilderness with three yearling dogs, and comes of age fighting for survival for himself and his dogs. Edger is compelled to return to the farm to deal with his father?s death.

A mute boy and dogs can make a toxic mix of sentimentality, but Wroblewski writes with such grace and energy that Edgar Sawtelle never succumbs to that danger.

Reviews have compared it to both Shakespeare and The Jungle Book and called it a Great American Novel. Rare and wonderful!

About the Author: David Wroblewski is a 48 yr old software developer in Colorado, and this is his first novel.

Hardcover fiction, 576 pages, published by Bond Street Books

ISBN: 978-0-385-66478-3 (0-385-66478-8) Pub Date: June 10, 2008