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Tumbler Ridge, BC

I have read with much regret the news of the demise of the blotter. I find it hard to believe anyone would be upset or threatened by this weekly column.

Cpl. Peats has made Tumbler Ridge his and his family?s? home and he is well know for his participation in community events. He used the blotter as a tool to keep the community informed .

In the history of Tumbler Ridge no other officer in charge of the local R.C.M.P took the time to keep us informed as well as Cpl Peats has done through public meetings and his weekly reports. No other office in charge has ever asked for public input or solicited public views and opinions.

In any endeavour, whatever the size, communication is the most important element for success. It is why almost every community has a local publication. Those of us who enjoyed reading ?The Blotter? became better informed and maybe even chuckled at the humour within the blotter.

We deserve an explanation for the discontinuance of the column–better yet, continue the column! For those one or two people who object, just turn the page and try to get a life!

R.H. Harry Prosser

Tumbler Ridge, BC

Dear Editor, Re: Corporal Peats Column.

Are we to Bow down to the Minority again?

As most of us in the Peace area know by now Corporal Peats has announced the termination of his News Column in the ?Tumbler Ridge News? and other Peace area newspapers. One of the highlights in our little Newspaper was his weekly, very informative reporting on what?s happening and goings on in our community. We have no local Radio or T.V. station, so go figure, how else are we going to be in the know or be pre warned of activities that are happening, before, now, or later.

Regarding ?Someone? being offended, do the easy thing, it?s a no brainer, Don?t Read It. We don?t all enjoy or agree with the column that appears with some regularity bashing the other ?George?, so we don?t read it! But let it be printed for the ones that do enjoy it or find it informative. Not all of us like all the garbage that?s on T.V. so just don?t watch it or change the channel. It?s no different in the newspaper, don?t read it. When someone or more then one take offence they are being very ?Shallow Minded?, Scared of something, or Guilty of something. (Please stop reverse discrimination.)

Please, Please, Please, for the majority of us readers not offended, everyone phone or e-mail Corporal Peats or your local papers, requesting the return of his talented, humorous and informative column.

For everyone that feels the way we do, we use to really look forward to Corporal Peats Community minded Informative and Humorous Column. Really and truly, disappointed the column is on longer being written.

Dick & Irene Lekei Tumbler Ridge, BC

Dawson Creek, BC

I am very disappointed that I will no longer be reading the TR Police Blotter in my local Dawson Creek paper. Would you please forward this letter to Cpl. Peats? Thanks you very much.

Dear Cpl. Peats I was very sorry to read that you will no longer be publishing the Police Blotter. I have never found your article to be insulting or offensive, but rather entertaining as well as informative. It is a rare treat to hear someone really tell it like it is and I appreciate your candor. I hope that others will speak up in support of your articles and that we will see them again in our local papers With many thanks for the laughs!

Cathy Tubb

Tumbler Ridge, BC

Cpl. Peats, we have a serious complaint to make, the Police Blotter is missing and we would like it back. Please make your New Year?s Resolution namely: PUT THE P. BLOTTER BACK, so that TR citizen and whoever reads the TR News can start the new year?s news paper edition with a happy start.

We wish you, your family and RCMP detachment A Wonderful Christmas & Happy, Safe New Year!

P.S. Don?t forget: Bring the Blotter back and Keep it between the Pages.

Eric & Prudence Mueller T.R.

Tumbler Ridge, BC

To the Editor;

I read with interest the various letters in support of the Police Blotter, and frankly I?m surprised. To be fair, Cpl. Peats can write with clarity, and even with humour. However, his humour is most often at the expense of others.

In his tales he reveals the man behind the words, and what he shows is a man who is arrogant. He has made fun of people because of their weight, he has ridiculed his lower-ranked colleagues, and he has mocked those who have made poor choices in their lives. Anger, outrage or sadness at the various things that people do to themselves or each other would be appropriate. Smugness in a professional leaves a bad taste in my mouth. Do you want to live in a society where it?s okay for doctors to mock patients for being ill? Should teachers laugh at students who have learning difficulties? Of course not. And neither should police officers poke fun at their clientele. We expect a higher standard of conduct from such leaders in society.

Speaking of leaders, Councillor Larry White was one of only a few locals to have an opinion printed. I was deeply disappointed with his remarks. ?Grow up,? was his advice. If his best argument is to insult those who do not agree with him then I am left wondering who it is that needs to mature.

I?m not alone in my opinions; friends, family and colleagues have all echoed sentiments similar to mine. Some have told me they stopped reading the Blotter a long time ago because it angered them too much.

Humour, like beauty, is in the eye of the beholder. I believe that if we?re not all laughing, it?s just not funny.

Yours, Sylvia Bell


Aloha from Maui!

I just wanted to let you know that I was a fan of your local police blotter column. I have family who reside in Tumbler Ridge and read your newspaper to get a feel of life in T.R. In a town that is climatically cold & geographically remote.. this weekly column was both warm & familiar.

We own a restaurant here in Maui & I would share these columns with our regular locals, to share a little bit of Canadiana…& to reinforce how liberal & funny my country people are!

I have never stepped foot in Tumbler Ridge , but this gentlemans humorous musings made me think it would be a pretty cool place to visit.

I hope to enjoy his stories again.

A Hui Ho!

Heide Winder

Editors Comments

Since December 3, 2007, this newspaper has received 37 letters regarding the Police Blotter. Of those only two have applauded its demise. Stats for the letters origins are:

Tumbler Ridge BC 21

Ottawa, ON1

Brampton, ON 1

Chilliwack, BC 1

Maui, USA 1

Medicine Hat1

Yellowknife, 1

Surrey, BC1

Regina, SK1

Westbank, BC 1

Mackenzie, BC1

Armed Forces 1

Richmond, BC1

Dawson Creek 3

Washington, USA 1

Lethbridge, AB1

Media statistics tell us that for every letter that is written there are approximately 5,000 readers who do not put pen to paper (metaphorically speaking ? this is, after all, the computer age). If one uses those figures than the Blotter had been read by approximately 185,000 people!

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