The Police BLOTTER

Hello everybody, and welcome back to the blotter. Cpl PEATS is away this week so it looks like I’m going to be filling in for him.

Well, we had three arrests this week, and the abuse of alcohol was an issue in all of them. The first incident occurred in the early morning hours of Tuesday the 8`h. Tumbler Ridge RCMP pulled over a vehicle on Mackenzie Way, the driver of said vehicle was prohibited from driving after 6:00prn. So of course, if you were to put yourself in the driver’s situation, there would, be a lot of anxiety there knowing that you just got caught breaching your probation. Add in the fact that the driver’s clothes smelt strongly of liquor, and this really puts the driver in the hot seat. So what course of action does the driver take? Does he admit to doing wrong and cooperate? Of course not. The driver attempted to convince police that he was actually a relative, who had just borrowed the car. He also denied having any identification that could aid police in establishing just who he was. What the driver wasn’t counting on however, was the fact that we have some beautiful and talented telecoms ladies stationed in Prince George, and with their help we were able to see past his efforts to bamboozle us. Once we established his identity, the driver was arrested. His wallet containing his drivers licence was located in the vehicle. So he started with one charge of breaching probation, and then stacked on two more charges, obstruction, and impersonation. If you consider that he was originally on probation due to an impaired driving conviction, I’m sure you’ll agree that perhaps it’s a good thing that he gave us more reason to keep him off the roads.

The second arrest also happened on Tuesday the 8″, but this one was towards the later hours of the night. Tumbler Ridge RCMP pulled over a vehicle on Southgate containing two adult males. After carefully considering the police’s request for him to pull his vehicle over, the driver eventually eased his vehicle over to the shoulder of the road. At this point, the passenger of the vehicle decides that this is the time for him to make his exit, so he promptly departed the scene. After observing behavior such as this, it’s usually a good bet that alcohol (or another drug) is involved. When the driver asked why his friend had left, he didn’t readily respond. It seemed that abstract thought into the reasons “why” someone would do something were a bit much for the driver to take. So the questions were dummed down a bit, and the driver was asked how much he had to drink. Apparently the driver had just consumed “a couple” beers. The driver was then asked where he was headed. He was “on a beer run”. It was pretty much at this point that he was detained and brought back to the detaclunent to blow on the breathalyzer. This is where the third arrest comes in. Just as the driver is attempting to blow into the machine, we were greeted with the less than articulate howls of his “friend” that had decided to leave him as soon as he was pulled over. Apparently the friend was jealous- of the driver’s opportunity to stay in our lavish facilities for the night, and wanted to join in. He was just outside of the detachment, banging on the window and loudly proclaiming his protest to the entire situation. After the driver had finished blowing, his friend was arrested and lodged in cells for the night. Unfortunately though the driver was unable to join him, he was released (minus his drivers license) to walk home. So, the driver had earlier said that he had consumed “a couple beers”. What did he end up blowing? 200. Both times. The legal limit is 80. Keep this in mind, because the next time I hear that someone who’s driving “only had a couple beers”, I’m going to be highly suspicious. The passenger of the vehicle didn’t have to blow, but it’s a good bet that he “just had a couple” as well.

As long as we’re talking about alcohol, we seemed to have seized an exceptional amount of it this week. The offences are usually consumption in a public place, and/or liquor consumed by a minor. It seems that with the mild weather, youth are becoming more prone to drinking out of doors, in the downtown area. This past weekend, police again made a number of liquor seizures in the downtown area. Two youths were served with violation tickets for minor in possession.

Well, that looks like that’s all there is to report for this week.

As Cpl PEATS would say,

“Keep it between the ditches”,

Cst. David THORNE