The Ridge Ramble Biathlon

The Ridge Ramble Biathlon was held on Saturday 7 June in clear conditions with little wind. Forty-nine participants lined up for the start, possibly the largest field in the history of the race. Kids cycled four kilometres and ran two, while adults cycled ten and ran five kilometres.

Three new course records were set: by Tyler Schlief in the Boys 11-15 individual category, by Crystal Fry and Natalie Sharman in the Girls? Team event, and by Carina Helm and Tiffany Hetenyi in the Women?s Team event. Daniel Helm and Birgit Sharman posted the fastest times for males and females in the adult race.

Three year old Koa McAninch stole the hearts of the crowd, confidently completing the Boys 7 and Under race with the assistance of training wheels, and accompanied by his parents Stuart and Sally.

Many thanks to all the volunteers who came together and did a wonderful job in hosting this event: course marshals, timekeepers, registrars and everyone else who helped. Thanks to the participants who travelled from further afield to take part. Thanks to RCMP for their assistance and to the District of Tumbler Ridge for sweeping the roads and for allowing the closure of roads for the kids race, thus making for a safe, fast, fun event.

The Ridge Ramble Biathlon, organized by the Wolverine Nordic and Mountain Society (WNMS), is one of Tumbler Ridge?s longest-standing events, and will celebrate its twentieth birthday in 2009. The next WNMS event for 2008 is the 20 kilometre Emperor?s Challenge Mountain Race on Roman Mountain on August 9: visit ,for details.

Below are the 2008 results, and the list of all-time records.


KIDS RACE RESULTS 4 km cycle followed by 2 km run

9 am, hot and sunny, no wind ? 25 participants


Connor Fletcher (13-48&21-22) 35-10

Casey Strang (12-32 & 22-47) 35-19

Koa McAninch (26-41 & 22-58) 47-39

GIRLS 8-10

Kelly Fry (9-48 & 12-00) 21-48

BOYS 8-10

Wyatt Cornell (10-02 & 24-06) 34-08


Crystal Fry (8-11) and Natalie Sharman (7-47) 15-58 Record

Darrell Schlief (7-50) and Julie Schlief (8-22) 16-12

Caitlyn McWhirter (10-57) and Laura Sharman (7-39)18-36

Caitlyn McWhirter (10-57) and Kelsey Leagault (7-48)18-45

Dusen Slepcev (11-41) and Bertus Schalekamp (10-22) 22-03

Sierra Hammond (14-56) and Katrina Leuze (10-44)25-40

Noah Tobin (12-23) and Aleaha Newhook (13-37)26-00

Brooklyn Collison (12-06) and Georgia LaPrairie-McManus (14-11)26-17

Sara Girton (13-05) and Lorrie Courtorielle (14-14)27-19

Quillan Fletcher (17-13 & ?)DNF

GIRLS 11-15

No entries

BOYS 11-15

Tyler Schlief (7-49 & 7-57)15-46 Record

Kailes Thibodeau (12-27 & 12-47)25-14

Noah Tobin (12-23) and Aleaha Newhook (13-37) 26-00

Brooklyn Collison (12-06) and Georgia LaPrairie-McManus (14-11)26-17

Sara Girton (13-05) and Lorrie Courtorielle (14-14) 27-19

Quillan Fletcher (17-13 & ?) DNF

GIRLS 11-15 No entries

BOYS 11-15

Tyler Schlief (7-49 & 7-57) 15-46 Record

Kailes Thibodeau (12-27 & 12-47) 25-14


20km cycle, 10 km run 1990-2003


Duncan Banks19981:17:41


Frances Hall19971:31:46

Women?s Team


Men?s Team

Bernadet / Swanson20001:11:03

Mixed Team


KIDS 4 km cycle, 2 km run 2001

Boys 7 &

Thomas Walsh200322-12

Girls 7 &

Laura Sharman200321-21

Boys 8-10

Daniel Helm200217-44

Girls 8-10

Carina Helm200417-28

Boys 11-15

Tyler Schlief 200815-46

Girls 11-15

Carina Helm200716-27

Kids? Team

Crystal Fry / Natalie Sharman200815-58

ADULT 10 km cycle, 5 km run, 2005


Ross Markowski200536-25


Sarah Hollet200642-12

Women?s Team

Carina Helm/Tiffany Hetenyi200845-26

Men?s Team

Don Williams / Charles Helm200538-24

Mixed Team

Kevin and Birgit Sharman200743-04

June 27&28: ?EXPRESS? Musical Theatre Workshop

Instruction by:

Adam Da Ros, Emily Parsons, & Kole Casey

Come and take part in an intense, exciting, and fun-filled weekend in the world of musical theatre! The workshop is well rounded with classes in singing, acting, and dancing. Workshop is taught by the local talent of Adam Da Ros (Singing), Emily Parsons (Dance), and Kole Casey (Acting). Classes for all ages and levels.

Final performance set for July 19 (along with Emily?s dance workshop final performance). Two rehearsal dates will be set up prior to this time.

Contact: Emily Parsons

tel: (250) 843-7617, cel: (780) 690-7127