The Tumbler Ridge Fire Department Holds AGM

The Tumbler Ridge Fire Department and the Tumbler Ridge Firefighters Association held its Annual General Meeting January 24,2004. Don McPherson, Acting Mayor for the District of Tumbler Ridge, thanked the firefighters for their contribution towards making Tumbler Ridge a safe community.

Awards were given out for various achievements. Plaques were given to those firefighters who received recognition for excellence in training attendance. Most noticeable of these were Scott Beattie and Diane Vandale who had 100% attendance. This was an especially outstanding accomplishment for Vandale, who had a baby during this time. Others who received this recognition were Matt Treit, Doug Beale, John Marshall, Mike Hanna, Wayne Davies, Ian Leach and Mike Kozak.

Next, awards were given to those Firefighters who attended more than an average number of emergency calls. Recognized for this were Wayne Davies, Doug Beale, Ian Leach, Diana Vandale, Matt Treit, Mike Hanna and Scott Beattie.

The Firefighter of the Year Award went to John Marshal. Marshall has three years of service in the Fire Department. Fire Chief, Shorty Smith, presented Marshall with this award for his outstanding achievements.

There are currently 18 fire fighters, which is below what is needed. If you would like to join the fire department on a volunteer basis please contact Shorty Smith at 242-3939. We still require eight firefighters to fill our ranks. Come on out and help make your Tumbler Ridge a fire safe community.