The Tumbler Ridge Garden Club

On Tuesday, Oct. 26 at 7:00 p.m. come to the Community Centre and hear about lilies.

We will have an indoor plant sale on Tuesday – the best bargain in town. Bring your extra plants and see if someone wants them. Maybe they need some TLC or you are tired of them. Someone else might love them. If you want to donate some indoor plants you can call Ellen at 242-5283 and I will pick them up. Separate those African Violets. Now is a good time to do it. Even if you bring a few slips or some leaves from some different plants that would be great. Red prayer plants, hoya, begonia, ivy, and others are some that will be there. If we have enough left over to warrant selling them at the market square we will book a table for the last Saturday in November.

There will be seeds of Rudbekia and other seeds that we have gathered for free.

Plant your bulbs in the garden and put your mulch over your plants. Leaves, etc are good but you must beware of disease when you put some of your garden waste over plants as mulch. There are different theories on peonies – my mother had beautiful peonies and never touched them until spring and cleaned them up then. This lets the foliage protect them during winter. There are different theories on roses. Some roses aren’t to be pruned, you know, especially most shrub roses and a lot of climbers. Many can actually wait until spring and see where you have life. We hope to have a speaker in the spring speak on roses. If you have the internet there are sites galore that you can find to give you ideas on how to clean up your garden. Books and magazines from the libraries and stores are full or ideas or come to the garden club and ask us your specific questions and we will try to help you.

Voting on the name of the garden by the caboose will occur. There have been some names suggested at the last meeting. Any names can be put forward and written on the ballot. It will be a written ballot. Anyone can put forward a name but only members that are paid up($10/year) can vote. The members decided at the last meeting that they wanted to name the garden rather than leave it nameless. Some names put forward at the moment are Bertie’s Bed, Janet’s Garden and Tumbler Ridge Community Garden.and variations thereof. Since we are not an incorporated organization and we have no bylaws Ellen’s Rules of Order apply not Roberts Rules of Order and you have to be present at the meeting to vote and you can pay your membership up to the time of the vote. Be part of the history of our Garden Club. Come to our meeting on Tuesday at 7:00 p.m. For more info contact Ellen at 242-5283 or

Happy Gardening.