The Tumbler Ridge Health Center receives major donation from Medical Foundation

The Tumbler Ridge Health Center staff were recently delighted to receive a major donation from the Tumbler Ridge Health Center foundation.

The MAC5505 ECG analysis system is a much needed and welcome addition to diagnostic service at the health center. At a a cost of slightly over $16 000.00, this state of the art electrocardiograph machine will replace our current model which is approximately 20 years old. The intended ease of the new machine is to record ECG signals from electrodes placed on the patient?s skin. This device can record analyze, pust and store electrocardiographic information from adult and pediatric populations. It will assist in the diagnosis of medical conditions involving the heart making further treatment possible based on these results.

The TRHCF and the health center staff would like to thank the following businesses and private citizens who contributed financially toward this goal.

Thanks to the following businesses: Lions Club $2500.00, Peoples Drug Mart $4375.00, El-Ja Pressure Services $1000.00, Royal Canadian Legion $500.00, Shop Easy $516.30, Peace Liard Medical Society $200.80, Elk Valley Coal $75.00, TR District Employees $450.00

Thanks also to the following private citizens for their caring donations: Cathy Patterson (Michael Ekins), Rita and Allan Simms, Al and Sue Johnson, Bev Fournier, Mike Caisley, and Shannon Engemoen.

Memorial donations remembering Howard Roberts were made by Gerald & Patricia Fraser, Michael and Angela Ekins, Josie & Jordan Pindera, Phyllis & Clifford Clutton. These were also applied to this important purchase.

An important thank you to all the people that donate their crafts to our gift shop. The people that purchase those items as well as our retail merchandise. Thanks also to everyone that supported our booth at Grizfest in August. We hope to see you again this year.

The role of the foundation is to fundraise and purchase equipment for use within the health center for all citizens and or visitors of Tumbler Ridge. This equipment would not necessarily be provided by Northern Health.

The health center has an ongoing wish list which consists of the following: 2 electric beds for the Emergency department, a call bell system for the ER ? enabling patients to call for help ? would include the patient washroom areas, exercise equipment for the physio department consisting of a treadmill, exercise bike and wax bath, a medical records shredder, 2 aural thermometers and 1 portable pulse oximeter for the emergency department. Eventually a new automatic external defibullator (AED) will be needed in the Emergency Department. There are currently new huphasic monitors which deliver a more efficient shock, using less energy and causing less damage to the cardiac muscle but due to cost factors will be acquired over time.

If you wish to become a member of the foundation, the annual fee is $2.00. Meetings are held in the health center board room every 3rd Tuesday of the month at noon. Everyone is welcome to attend.

Any questions regarding membership or donations can be directed to Gail at the health center 242-5271 or Bev (TRHCF Chair) 242-4803.