The woman behind the scenes

We all need to take stock of the people that enhance our lives personally and professionally. It is usually done quietly and without demand for credit.

Thea Ferrari, a newcomer to Tumbler Ridge, came into the Library about 4 months ago offering to volunteer. Projects were completed that would not have been possible to do with time and funding restraints that libraries face. This was always accomplished with little or no direction. When a position became available, she was hired immediately and, of course: I had a gem.

Thea brought into the Library a cosmopolitan style, always thinking outside the box: problem solving, fundraising, cohesive managing of our informal partnerships consistently, quietly, competently. Ideas such as the Harry Potter Party evolved. The donated hours of work and innovative techniques for marketing and creating made this party a huge success. The library however has not been the only project that Thea has been involved in since her arrival in Tumbler Ridge.

The newly formed Circle of Friends has been another volunteer project that she has been involved in. Since the beginning of the group Thea and her husband Mark Booden have been involved in their various projects. Most notably was the group?s 1st Annual Aboriginal Day Celebrations. Thea works alongside Donna McCollum, the group?s founder, and everyone else who continues to donate their time working towards a stronger and more united community.

Winding her way through the community with her involvement in various groups, Thea also became part of the visioning process under the direction of Ryan Murry. Alongside many other community-minded volunteers, Thea helped run a few of the visioning sessions earlier this summer. I am sure that she will continue her involvement with this project and others like it in the fall.

I am sure there are many other things that Thea is involved in and will continue to donate her time creatively, energetically and quietly. She like many others who give their time have realized that success in life has nothing to do with what you gain in life or accomplish for yourself. It?s what you do for others.

To all the other men and women behind the scenes we thank you. Without you our community would certainty be the poorer.