The wooden door in a contemporary style

Wooden doors, with the nobility and warmth they bring to old houses, are often associated with traditional or ancestral homes. However, it is due to this timeless beauty that we are now seeing increasingly attractive contemporary wooden doors.

There have been significant improvements in the quality of wooden doors over the years. The modern wooden door is, for example, much more resistant to warping caused by climatic variations. New assembly techniques, the use of laminated wood and technical advances have all contributed to improved performance.

One option worth considering is a set of double pine doors. They come with a single high quality, well-sealed window in the outer door and the inner door is sealed with weather stripping. All of which adds up to superior insulation. When summer comes and more air circulation is desirable, the window in the outside door can be easily removed and a screen inserted. If insulation is a concern, there is also the option of a door made from wooden panels injected with insulation. The addition of weather stripping to this style of door offers an airtight seal. The pine door is one of the more affordable options, costing quite a bit less than models made from a more exotic wood.

While it is true that a wooden door will require a certain amount of maintenance, it is also easily painted if you decide to change the colour scheme of your house.